Are you familiar with Angel Numbers?

Are you familiar with Angel Numbers?

Angel Numbers 

When creating my brand, coaching plans, and products, I really wanted meanings behind all the things. Everything on this site is important and means something to your growth, success, and self-love.  

This also includes how I have come up with numbers in my pricing. I used Angel numbers. What are Angel Numbers? 

“There is a general meaning to each number, and seeing repeating sequences is basically like having that number’s meaning amplified,” says numerologist Kaitlyn Kaerhart who wrote the book You are Cosmic Code: Essential Numerology   Kaitlyn goes on to say ... “When we’re seeing specific numbers, there is a message that’s being communicated to us, and it’s a code coming into our frequency to upgrade us.”

Here are the meanings of my Angel Number Pricing 

$0.00 - Discovery Call 000 means New Beginnings, mental transformation, and abandoning your past. I kid you NOT! Is this not amazing? I mean I'm SHOOK.

$1.11 - Gratitude  Digital Download 111 ready for this one? Is a call to co-create your reality. YESSSSS let's co-create your reality together. This also can mean getting unstuck in your career and a return to yourself. 

$2222 - Life-Changing 90-Day Program 2222 this one is powerful which makes sense it's the most life-changing (hence the name) program I have. You need and crave balance, peace, and harmony in your life. It also can mean that you are slowly manifesting and you are about to have a strong upcoming burst of positive energy. I mean otherwise known as inspired action!

$44.4 - 5 Day Startup  444 this one is perfect for this program. One of the meanings is you should lower your inhibitions and take risks. When goal setting in order to move the needle you need to take risks and show up for yourself.

I can't wait to work with you and connect over your dreams and aspirations. 

Today choose Joy & gratitude

xo Jenn 


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